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A short Motion Graphics video bringing attention to what people do to live in their dream place
Safety Comes First
My name is Elena Galitsky and I’m from Ukraine.
On one hand my country has exquisitely beautiful and diverse nature, on the other hand it’s suffering from bad ecological conditions. Unfortunately, the first thing coming to one’s mind when Ukraine is mentioned is Chornobyl.
Ecological problems are urgent for the whole world. Nowadays, when the process of innovation is so stirring, it’s very important to concentrate on the safety of our inventions and innovations. Fascinated by the advantages of our inventions we often tend to pay no attention to their possible dangerousness. The awareness of the need to create a safe environment should be brought to every person’s mind.
I conveyed the idea of the safe world through the idea of the dream world. For each and every person in the whole world, no matter how different their dreams would be, the dream world is always a safe place. It’s natural for all people, regardless of age, gender, religion or nationality. A dream world is a safe place and it’s a place where one would like to stay. So in this video I tried to bring the idea of the need for safe innovations not like a moral question or a social demand, but like one’s own needs and will.
To show the dream world I draw a landscape based on a picture of a Ukrainian village in the Carpathian mountains.
This project is aimed to form the awareness of the need for ecological safety in people of all ages and especially children. It can be developed into a series of short motivational videos, posters and a children’s video-game, where the player should build and develop his country in the future, maintain its full functionality taking into the account the questions of safety and good ecology.