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For the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival, Bruce Mau Design has proposed to host a few sessions. Topics cover branding, marketing, design, storytelling, advertising, aging, health, and the potential for creative thinking to find solutions to our global challenges.

Below you will find information on the sessions BMD is hosting. By voting for the panel you would like to see at SXSW, you are bringing us one step closer to getting to Austin. SXSW PanelPicker voting continues through August 31, 2012. Don't forget to register your votes through the end of the month. First, go to SXSW PanelPicker to create an account. Second, click the links below to vote for our sessions.

Once you’ve submitted your vote, please share and promote within your network. Your vote accounts for 30% of the decision-making process on the panel submission, along with SXSW Advisory Board (40%) and the input o fthe SXSW staff (30%). We really appreciate your effort!


Branding, as we know it, is dead. 21st century consumers are smarter, better connected, and more demanding. They want products and services that create fundamental value and utility, and allow them to connect and be part of a community. They want brands that tie them to something bigger than themselves. So how do you connect with consumers in a highly interactive and digital world? How do companies reach a generation that demands authenticity and more principled business practices? If branding is dead, what will replace it? The answer is storytelling. This isn't storytelling in the way advertisers think of it; it’s storytelling by design. Bruce Mau Design understands the importance of designing experiences that allow brands to tell meaningful stories. These experiences and stories can change the world. This talk will elevate how you think about creativity, technology, products, and people. It will give you the tools to deliver quality experiences, not irrelevant communication.

Paddy Harrington, Bruce Mau Design


We are aging but are we aging well? There are currently 17,000 nursing homes in America, and the same number of reasons not to move into them. These facilities could be construed as little more than warehouses for the elderly; they cut people off from society. So how do we not only restore the dignity in aging, but make it fun? New Aging is an initiative to provoke new ideas and bring together creative thinkers and doers to reimagine the potential in aging. This panel will address aging by focusing on the latest advances in technology, care, and aging trends. We will highlight leading-edge design solutions, including BOOM, a bold new community for the 21st century. Leaders within and outside of the design profession will provide the professional and visionary foundation leading to the development and publication of the New Aging Book, which will forever change how we think about growing old.

Hunter Tura, Bruce MauDesign
Matthias Hollwich, HWKN
Joseph Coughlin, MassachusettsInstitute of Technology
Marc Kushner,


We live in a spreadsheet and technology driven world. If it doesn't fit into a tight category, we don't value it. Life has been divided into subcategories where people in one discipline don't speak to those in another. This way of thinking has a profound effect on issues as big as environmental decay, and as small as the discovery of the next game changing innovation. How do we introduce more holistic thinking into our lives and business? The answer is design. Design lives at the intersection of creativity and technology. It’s the application of scientific knowledge and creativity for practical purposes, in service of better outcomes. It's the way to manage the mystery often associated with the next big insight and innovation. From the iPad to our global transportation systems, this talk will offer ideas, tools, and methods for discovering the possibilities and opportunities inherent in the small and big challenges we face everyday.

Paddy Harrington, Bruce Mau Design