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  • SUBAQUEA Vertical SPA facing the Colosseum
  • The building is like a 100 meters high MONOLITHIC volume eroded inside by water.
    The main material is the liquid system of empty space that erodes, and crystallizes and penetrating inside SUB-AQVEA.
    SUB-AQVEA crystals contain, in an ascending gradient of temperatures (25 ° C --- 32 ° C), the different functions called WELLNESS ROOMS, and such as Roman Baths, water temperature controls interior temperature.
    The crystals profile follow the flow direction of rainwater, that is harvested, purified and reused within the SPA.
    The pools and terraces become elements that break the MONOLITH, creating the water square suspended over the city of Rome.

    received an honorable mention in the Rome competition promoted by
  • tower section
  • interior under the water