• 150' Submersible Catamaran
  • Marine Design Resource Alliance (MDRA) 1st place 2010 winner - Most Innovative Concept

    The future will see us multi-tasking even more than we currently do on a day-to-day basis. We will we be expected to be more efficient – both in work and leisure – and in turn, we’ll expect our means of efficiency to perform at a higher, more functional level.

    The concept 150 ft. catamaran featured here, dubbed ‘Submerge,’ embodies this multi-functional quality, sporting a 2-in-1 craft design. Designed by Alex Marzo, the catamaran has two modes of operation, namely, 'Explorer Mode' and ‘Submerge Mode.’ Using a sophisticated suspension system, the craft is able to physically transform itself thus offering two different boating experiences. This unique function allows the catamaran to shift from ‘Explorer Mode’ – a platform-like state where the craft hovers above the water like a floating home – to “Submerge Mode’ – where the craft becomes a shallow-diving submarine of sorts. In this mode, the hull is lowered just below the water’s surface so the deck becomes partially submerged, allowing the boat’s occupants to view the magnificent underwater scenery through the aluminate glass at the bottom of the craft, all while staying dry.