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    symbiant unit
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    Evolo Competition 2007_honorable mention


    what is (a) home ?
    Project SU-01 is not so much a feasibility study, but rather a provocative question.
    What is the minimum that we need to live, and to what extent can social and political questions be solved with architecture?

    Probably not at all.

    How much is enough to be able to live decently?
    Is it the possibility of having a place to identify with, a place to call home?
    Is it a shower, cooking facilities, a safe place to sleep? Is it a toilet, or a certain degree of social acceptance?

    SU-01 intentionally abstains from making a building equipped with all the functions essential for life.
    It is imperfect, it has defects, it leaves questions open and needs unfulfilled.
    But SU-01 is still a step, a beginning, a contribution to discussion and a first aid.

    SU-01 is intended to help one be perceived, be accepted, it is intended to provide an address, to create a place of refuge, to help become involved in society.
    A place to make a warm meal, to make a cup of coffee, to keep one’s belongings.
    A place of shelter to dream and to get through a cold night.

    No more, but also no less.


    SU-01 is a shelter for homeless people to stay temporarily.

    Charitable organisations, churches, benevolent companies or private people voluntarily mount it on the wall of their buildings, make it available free of charge for one year, and then pass it on to the next party.
    Electricity and water are provided via supply points and interfaces with the existing building.
    SU-01 is heated with a hot-air blower. A ventilator systems cools it in the summer.

    The shell consists of a thermally insulating sandwich construction with an aluminium covering; it is mounted on a load-bearing, torsion-resistant tube framework.
    The interior is divided into a sleeping and sitting area at the rear, and a cooking and storage area at the front.

    SU-01 has a movable shield to provide temporary privacy. With its jointed mounting system, the construction can be turned to the right or left on the base building.
    A letter slot is integrated in the tip of SU-01.
    The façade can be rented for commercial advertising. The proceeds go to the resident of SU-01.

    SU-01 can be transported in one piece, or as a kit to be put together on site.
    An optional solar system can be mounted on the roof.
    SU-01 provides about 6 square metres of living space with a weight of 125 kilograms.