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A design tool build from pinball machine parts
A Design tool build from Pinball machine parts
STYN is an installation I build for my graduation. I have always been interested in building my own tools in design. In a time of digitalization of the work proces, you can easily forget the freedom and fun of play. By creating new tools, you give yourself the opportunity to break free from standards in design. As result of this idea I deconstructed a pinball machine an reconstructed it as a design tool.

A poster is placed on top of the machine, which has a grid printed on it. Based on this grid you can structure your playing field to your desire. By playing the machine the balls create an unpredictable pattern, dependent on the interaction between the user and the machine. The better you are as a player, the better the poster that you create.

The grid that is used in this example is one of all the signs in the alphabet.

For more information on the posters and STYN Pinball party's check the facebook page
The machine being played at the Graduation exposition
The machine being played at the Graduation exposition
The basic grid for STYN the machine, before it is played. With this grid every character from the alphabet can be created
The basic grid for STYN the machine, after it has been played. This is the letter G
The character O after the machine had been played for about 4 hours by all the visitors of the exposition.