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CWE E exhibition handout (October 2015)
Church commision in Borjerg kirke, DK.
Church commision in Gundersted kirke, DK.
Mixed media on cardboard.
Sketches to re-publishing of: At a Grave (Three Discourses On Imagined Occasions, Soren Kierkegaard)
Fragments on canvas 35 x 50
Imperfections. Part of my project in progress titled Magenta Landscapes. A series of monocrome acryllics on paper in red-magenta - the more perfect the surface appears, the less interesting it is. It is the small imperfections that stand out which brings the surface to life...
Working title for all paintings on CTP plates: Magenta Landscapes
Magenta Landscapes. Acrylic on canvas 50x65
Illustrations to the book The Traitors Gospel (Forræderens Evangelium) by Claus Juel. Book release at Odense Art Complex, Filosoffen tuesday 29. of may.