• oticon | streamer
  • Wireless Audio Streaming Device
    (for use with hearing aids)
  • What is it?
    Streamer is a device that allows users to transmit audio from sources like TV’s, stereo systems or phones directly to their hearing aids. It requires the use of a loop antenna, and must be worn around the neck for proper reception.
    Overcoming stigma
    Most people are unkeen to broadcast their hearing impairment, so the less conspicuous the Streamer, the better, according to users. We suggested that by borrowing visual cues from music players, it might allow users to feel more confident about the signals they send out.
    Numerous concepts were developed on the same platform, allowing Oticon's sister brands their own unique product identities.

  • Process
  • Shots from the development process ...
  • Composite base image courtesy of Oticon A/S
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  • Client
    Oticon A/S

    Lead industrial designer

    - Collaboration with project managers and mechanical engineers
    - Market & trends research
    - User testing
    - Concept development
    - Design development
    - Mockups, 3d modelling & visualisation
    - CMF specifications
    - Presentations