STIB - typo & character design + illustration

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  • * STIB (public transportation for the city of Brussels) // typographical design, character design and illustration

  • Sneeel (Eng: "Faaast")

    Typographical design and vector illustration with characters used in an advertising headline (combined with regular text).

    The goal was to visualise the speedy manner in which customers were able to order their new bus and subway passes.

    All designs are vectors, made with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Papier (Eng: "paper")
    Mobib (the brand name of the new plastic key card which is to be used instead of the former paper cards)

    These typographical vector designs (with an illustrative approach) were used in a headline context. The goal was to say goodbye to the old 'Paper' cards and to welcome the brand new 'Mobib' plastic keycards.