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  • The passing of Steve Jobs represents much more than losing the founder of the most revolutionary technology company on this planet, but it represents the loss of a true pioneer. Jobs’ relentless innovation and deep, philosophical perspective on life inspired millions of people worldwide, including myself. I’ve always been an admirer of Jobs’ unique outlook on life. He took his passion to “make a ding in the universe” and translated that into bringing us some of the greatest technological advancements of our time. 

    I know that 100 years from now, when students are reading textbooks off of their iPad’s and research the world’s intricacies from their paper-thin laptops, they’ll never truly understand what it was like to live in the era when the computer was invented. Steve Jobs will go down in history as one of the greatest pioneers we’ll ever know. Jobs always preached, “think different.”  The ideas that change the world are always in fact, small thoughts. But from small thoughts and a little ambition, we can lead the next generation of thinkers and revolutionaries. 

    -Michael from NY