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Full intergated campaign for omniONE's platform omniFEEDBACK. Forget everythign you knew about shopping, a shift has come and with it a platform … Read More
Full intergated campaign for omniONE's platform omniFEEDBACK. Forget everythign you knew about shopping, a shift has come and with it a platform so powerful nobody will ever need to shop blindly again. Be part of the revolution, START THE CHANGE. Read Less
SAIZEN MEDIA launches "Start The Change" campaign for omniFEEDBACK

The advent of the Internet has drawn epochal changes, introducing the concept of constant and
immediate availability by creating data processing system connections organized in a worldwide
nodal network. The internet has given consumers and sellers the power to shape a new world in
which purchasing an item or service is only one click away, in which potentially anyone can create
a successful business from the ground up; However in an era in which on-line shopping and e-commerce
are commonly associated with risk and fraud, in which danger is always around the corner and customers? transactions are constantly at stake, are we really safe? Is there a reliable way to clearly distinguish verified sources and content from unreliable ones? The answer is YES!

This bold an ambitious statement is the key to understanding what the Start The Change on-line
viral experiential campaign stands for and aims to.
The integrated digital campaign, encompassing corporate identity, experience website, visual
communication, social/viral campaign, banner campaign, and a full tutorial demo video, has been
conceived and created by Saizen Media Studios (, an internationally
acclaimed and award winning digital ad agency with offices in Milan (Italy) and Moscow (Russia),
renowned for its distinct cinematic approach and unique visuals and concepts.

Kicking off with an epic and cinematic full CG intro featuring Marc Preston's voice-over, a
Hollywood-like set of environments and animations, and a powerful call to action, omniONE USA
invites the users to take part in a revolution that will change completely the way we conceive ecommerce
and on-line shopping.

The launch of a teaser site, equipped with fully integrated social network features, on April 15th has
been the pivot around which the campaign has rotated, encompassing viral videos, a photo-based
social viral ibnitiative, a banner campaign and an institutional website. Via Facebook and Twitter
profiles users have been able to follow cryptic clues and signs, such as historical photos from
newspaper archives dating back to the early 70s, sightings of circular signs stencilled on billboards
and buildings of all major cities worldwide, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and crop-circles,
disseminated on-line during the length of the full teaser phase. At the end of the countdown
sequence, at midnight of May 31st (GMT), users have been given the chance to jump through an
intra-dimensional door taking them to ?the other side?, the world of commerce that omni wants to
build, and unveil the full features and capability of omniFEEDBACK, therefore entering in a new
era, the age of transparency and expansion.

Everyone now has the possibility to part-take in the creation and establishment of a new
marketplace, a radically new way of shopping on-line that will emerge from omniFEEDBACK's
innovative platform and that will, transaction after transaction, shape the future of commerce. The
power is already in our hands, TODAY!

Sellers or service providers can certify their customer satisfaction and gain visibility on the web; by doing so not only they will distinguish themselves from the rest, but they will also be sellers of change, and supporters of this new ground-breaking technology. Buyers, on the other hand, through the use of the omniFEEDBACK plug in, will be able to push-invite their favourite sellers, therefore helping speeding up the renovation process.

With the very same tool buyers will able to tell apart change-sellers from non-certified ones on all
search engines. The plug in is already available for download on omniFEEDBACK's official

Plant your seeds today, for the harvest will be rich. A world with secure transactions, no risk of
fraud, and where privacy is real.

Welcome to the new frontier of shopping.
Created in collaboration with MUTADO