SRA - Rebrand

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  • Safety and Rescue Australia (SRA) is an Australian Registered Training Organisation focussed on delivering high quality industrial and leadership training for major projects across marine, resources, mining, infrastructure, and petro-chemical industries. SRA have trained in excess of 90,000 people.

    The identity takes its inspiration from a pair of hands clasping around, safely holding something or someone, the arrangement of the elements also creates a abstract symbol of Australia. The symbol implies the national capabilities of SRA as well as the company’s Australian origin.

    Bold, contemporary letterforms for the SRA monogram combine with a dynamic symbol to create a strong, integrated and easily identifiable identity - a quality of successful safety and rescue type organisations and brands.

    The use of yellow/orange further emphasises the safety and rescue aspect of SRA - as this colour is synonymous in safety and rescue applications such as warning lights, high-vis clothing and other safety gear.