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    We were engaged to rebrand SPRMRKT, a bistro that is part food, retail and art that emphasises on good food made from market-fresh and seasonal produce, with its menu change every 4-month season.

    To rebuild SPRMRKT brand image, we reemphasise the focus on food as the primary brand communication. 
    Eschewing the peripheral illustration approach in the old branding, we liven up the identity with set-up photography to celebrate the fresh seasonal ingredients used and the bistro's grounded approach to food quality.
    SPRMRKT is a disemvowelled word of 'SUPERMARKET'. The logo is redesigned with an emphasis on readability of the name by placing an underscore strategically as a vidual device to aid in recognising the word seperation.
    New label design for existing craft boxes and paperbag as part of the phase 1 rebranding effort.
    Working closely with Visualmind, selected seasonal dishes are photographed in-location and produced into a series of in-store posters promoting the seasonal menu.

    In-store posters for menu season April - July 2013
    In-store posters for menu season August - November 2013