SPF50 Advice to live by

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  • SPF50 Advice to live by
  • This is my final project from Edinburgh's Telford College. A travelling, fictional exhibition to be held in independent galleries throughout the UK. A unique exhibition in that a collective group of artists will interpret the same subject. The subject is taken from the content of Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen video (originally a column by Mary Schmich). The exhibition targets young professionals who are just getting started in life and are open to words of wisdom. But, as with all art it is not restricted to this target audience. I like the idea that a mother and daughter may bond of advice such as 'Respect Your Elders.'

    My concept: Drawing on nostalgic 1950’s American style, create all of the promotional literature and several artworks for the experiential exhibition.

    The campaign also has a strong online presence, with an interactive website and iPhone application. All of which have links with social media to help promote the exhibition and inspire the audience.

    A huge thanks to A.J Rich at Rich Vintage Media for supplying the image of the little boy, used in 'Respect Your Elders.'