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    Отрисовка, верстка, допечатная подготовка.
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    1. Over-honeys-is when Vinnie the Pooh exceeds his daily dose of honey and becomes over-honey-ed.over-honeys is a pretty normal state of Vinnie's even though he still feels embarrassed about it.
    2.Screamies- is the organ that is responsible for Vinnies composure in extreme conditions (like falling from a tree, bees' attacks, and so on.
    3. Snufflies-can be observed only during Vinnies' sleep and usually grow into "Snories".
    4.Sawdusties-intellectual filler that is resonsible for Vinnies behaviour.
    5.Noisies- is the organ, reacting to big and small joys (honey,guests in the house, Piglet.
    There can be two forms of noisies:
    A) Noisies-on
    B) noisies-off
    The second form is very rare
    6. Yellies-is the organ, which started functioning when Vinnie got stuck in the Rabbit's burrow.