SONY South and Central Europe Region Corporate Style

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  • Sony South and Central Europe Corporate Identity
  • SCSE shine forward together logo
    The SCSE logo symbolizes the partnership of Sony Central and South Europe.
    Partnership means connection. The connections, teamwork and strategic partnerships
    within the SCSE relationship are graphically illustrated in this logo by the different colored points.

    The principal symbolism of the logo highlights and pin points the uniqueness of each
    country and thier participation within the partnership. Each affiliated country is
    represented by a coloured point of light in the logo, which evokes each country‘s
    special and unique charictaristics, as well as thier cult ural and social specifications. But in the end it is all about our shared assosiations, and our partnership which matters.

    SCSE is moving forward together, and this is reflected in the logo illustrated by the
    arrow or moving forward symbol.