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1st winner in Business Competition Zero from SONY Corporation
This is the first winner in a Business Competition Zero from SONY Corporation.
This is a directional speaker, it has a feature unlike any other. the soundwave can focus and localize sound to a certain area, so that only the people in the audible zone can hear it, while others cannot.
It can rotate horizontally and vertically, so this speaker can direct sound to any direction within the room, without having to move its location.
SONY EYEDIO Loudspeaker can be connected to various entertainment electronic devices through wi-fi, bluetooth, and other wireless connections. This feature is intended for ease of use and flexibility of location. 
This loudspeaker can be controlled with a remote, or if the application is available, it can also be controlled with SONY smartphone or tablet. The variables that can be controlled by the remote are its volume, sound coverage area, direction, sound quality, and its listening modes (normal or directional). You can control the sound coverage area of this loudspeaker. It could be wide, narrow, and it can also work like a normal loudspeaker, where the sound can be heard in all directions. 
The silent alarm feature utilize focused soundwave to wake somebody up without disturbing others near him or her. This feature is useful for those who sleep in the same room but have different schedule. This way, the one who can wake up later does not have to be disturbed by the alarm sound from the other person and can continue to sleep.