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  • The main concept of this work is to change the opposites 'age / beauty' (Spanish vejez / belleza) which are two words that have been treated as opposed and to show that these words are compatible. The idea of combining the noun(beauty) with the preposition (on), prelude the concept of a story besides the experience of putting one's finger on the posters and thereby touching the wrinkles, with are in 3D.
    The stories are best understood as diaries, and the stories generally have no references but social actors are needed. So, I decided to choose 5 seniors and the story of their private lives to understand the it experiences, values and connect these with symbolic and social relations.
    Based on aesthetic relativism which believes that the only way to acquire knowledge is by having an experience, this project propose that the way to admire the beauty of an old woman is sharing a moment in their lives, knowing their stories and touching their wrinkles, and thereby understanding how they have lived their lives. So there was empathy.