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    Bussiness cards and blade packaging
  • A simplebranding project made for my dad, Svein, who is a fond knife maker. He isinvolved down the entire ”line of production”; He is forging the blades, carvesout handles of wood and creates the knife sheaths before putting it alltogether, or sell the blades individually. He is also a dedicated collector ofknives.

    The briefwas to design a logo and a set of business cards for branding purposes, andalso design a set of simple “envelope” packaging for his blades. He wanted thelogo to represent his three unified hobbies; Blacksmithing, knife making andknife collecting.

    The logowas made to symbolically unite all of his three hobbies and give a feel oftradition, while also mixing the organic and non-organic processes involved inmaking a knife.

    The S.OTinn underneath the logo is his initials, Svein Olufsen, and his home countyTinn – which is the known way for blacksmiths to mark and brand their products. ( I also "camouflaged" his initials within the symbol, just for the fun of it

    Both the businesscards and knife-envelopes were printed on 300g “Curious Metallic Metal, IceGold” paper, which gives the grey colour a subtle but life like metallic shinewhen viewed underneath light.