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Annual report for SNS Reaal in the form of a short film.
SNS Reaal - Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 20112010's animated annual report was a big success! That's why SNS REAAL asked Fabrique to follow up on that production. And again, Fabrique got Calango on board to produce another clarifying video, that sums up the last year, and reveals the course they'll take for the current year.
This time we took a different approach while trying to keep the same simplicity. We have captured the highlights of the annual report on 40 A1-sized pieces of paper, using different styles of writing to put emphasis on their meaning. And just like last year, the actors are SNS REAAL's own employees.

As an extra special feature, I've added a look behind the scenes at the bottom.

Agency: Fabrique
Concept: Fabrique / Calango
Production: United Studios
Post-production: Calango
Audio: Big Orange

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