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Annual report for SNS Reaal in the form of a short film.
SNS Reaal - Annual Report 2010

SNS Reaal is a Dutch concern that holds different brands in the banking and insurance field. To kick of the first online version of their annual report, SNS Reaal wanted to do a little extra. The actual printed report that counted over 200 pages was reduced to a mere 100 words in a video of 2,5 minutes. 

Clever use of live action versus computer graphics resulted in an interesting infographic with a human touch. The video's goal is to simplify the most important data from the elaborate annual report, to everyday people. The use of SNS Reaal’s employees as actors made it a big success within the concern as well.
The lower of the two video's on the left, has English subtitles. All the way at the bottom you'll find a peek behind the scenes.

Client: SNS Reaal
Concept: Fabrique, Calango 
Graphic Design: Fabrique
Production: C41
Post Production: Calango
Voice Over: Pastelle
Music: Lullatone
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