• The work included in this project shows a selection of illustrations that I have worked on for the independent comic book series 'SNOW'.  
    SNOW 'The Dawn' is a 12 part series that follows the story of the protagonist James Snow.  'The Dawn' is to be the first of three seasons written by Nick Goode, and depending on the sucess of the series release in individal issues, we hope to form a graphic novel for each of the three seasons.
    Below are a variety of the images I worked on within the comic and various character concepts that were refined to make the final cut. I will continue to add to this project as I continue to work on illustrating the story.
    Bag and Bored - http://bagandbored.net/2013/10/24/review-snow-the-dawn/
    The Nerd Machinehttp://www.thenerdmachine.com/snow-the-dawn/
    Fantaffx IGN Blog - http://www.ign.com/blogs/fantaffx/2013/10/09/comixology-submit-reviews-december-11/
    For more information and any news regarding SNOW; follow Nick on Twitter @goodie2212
  • SNOW: The Dawn #1 / $2.99
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