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  • SMART Loading Equipment
  • The new SMART family for Getinge Group is a series of loading equipment for sterilizers designed by LOTS Design 2010. The assignment started in 2009 and was launched at Medica in Dusseldorf in November of 2010. The SMART system consists of 5 different ergonomic trolleys, Adjustable Heigt Trolley, Fixed Height Trolley, Open and Closed Distribution Trolleys and a trolley for disinfection.
    LOTS has created a significant family identity, designed to enable recognition, modularity,  commonality, cost efficiency and drasticly improved ergonomics and handling.
  • Early concept phase, Adjustable Height Trolley.
  • Closed Distribution Trolley.
  • Fixed Height Trolley.
  • Adjustable Height Trolley.
  • Adjustable Height Trolley with automatic loader and assisting power drive.
  • Open Distribution Trolley.