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    List of friendly works
  • Last year I designed a Slukoni Type. As all the designers I am using a lot of fonts, so I decided to give my font away for free. In hope to promote the font a bit more I hosted a small creative kick out with my friends. This is what they did...

    I would like to thank all the people who decided to answer my call by making a piece of their art. And for those who didn't - there are gonna be more chances.

    If you like the font, it can be downloaded here.

    * the works are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Saša Bastaić
  • Hrvoje Boljar
  • Ivana Brzac
  • Matija Drozdek
  • Ivan Jovanovac
  • Ivan Karaga
  • Nina Klemenčić
  • Ivan Klisurić
  • Tena Letica
  • Ivan Petričec
  • Robert Rebernak
  • Jelena Šoša
  • VILe - Vlatka Blakšić
  • VILe - Ivona Vuletić
  • VILe - Lana Hudina
  • Marko Vučenik
  • Dražen Zeljković
  • Dražen Zeljković