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Key Art Posters and illustrations for upcoming Slavers comic book and motion comic "Slavers"
Ever since we are born we are force-fed the idea that man is the most intelligent creature on earth; we are raised believing that somehow our intellect is so much more advanced and sophisticated than that of other living species, that we have managed to rise and dominate the food chain; we are taught that we are to climb to the top of the pyramid and claim our role as undisputed Gods in the natural kingdom. We act upon this self-designated role and carry on disregarding the inevitable consequences of our actions. The truth is however quite different, our arrogance and ability to systematically disrupt the meticulous pattern and balance that nature has harmoniously produced is the key to the fulfillment of our destiny, a destiny much less glorious and noble than the one we might envision for ourselves.
I still remember the day it all started, when the end began. The skies opened up and swallowed earth from within. Then they arrived ... and nothing was the same ever again.