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Pagina stampa che presenta i nuovi canali pay-per-view Primafila Hot Club di Sky giocando sulla disponibilità 24 ore su 24 del servizio.
Campagna stampa e web per il nuovo Hot Club Day & Night. /
Print and web campaign for the new Day & Night Hot Club Channels.
Copy: "Why do you lose time reading this page when there's a porn star waiting in your bedroom?"
Baseline: "Hot Club is finally available 24/7. Now every moment can be hot."
La pagina stampa è supportata da una campagna multisoggetto di banner, con copy tarato sui contenuti dei singoli siti in pianificazione.
A multi-subject banner campaign was planned at the same time, with different copy ads based on the website contents.
Copy for Economy Website:
While you check for the Wall Street openings, Samantha is focused on other increases.

Copy for Sport Website:
While you discover your team's result, Lola discovers the team.