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  • SKÅL
    Artist Edition Glassware
  • SKÅL is a project by myself and Dani Loureiro where we curated a range of artisan glassware inspired by Norse mythology. We found artists each with their own style and voice who came together to make a beautiful cohesive set of illustrated glasses. The artists involved include : Jade Klara, Dani Loureiro, Kronk, Jean de Wet, Ben Johnston, Simon Berndt, Cassandra Leigh Johnson and Studio Muti.

    The set of 8 glasses were launched at A Store is Good and were exhibited at Royale Eatery.
    They also featured in House and Leisure.
  •  Image: Simon Berndt Design: Jade Klara
  • From Left to right: Muti, Cassandra Leigh Johnson, Kronk, Jade Klara
  • From Left to right: Dano Loureiro, Simon Berndt, Ben Johnston, Jean de Wet
  • Freya & Fenrir
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