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  • How the Radiologist Sees
    Thesis Work, Part 1
  • The Radiologist sees the world through her X Ray machine. There is no surface in her world, only layers upon layers of transparency. 

  • The Radiologist can read these layers of transparency as a measure of density. If something is thin, or not very dense, it registers darker on her machine. If something is very dense (like a bone) it registers as white. For my project I put the Radiologist in downtown Berlin, Germany at a popular plaza - Potzdamer Platz. If she had her X Ray machine here - what would she see? 
  • Not only could she see through the people and buildings, but she might be able to see into the rich history of the site. The tanks or skeletons that remain from WWII and pieces of the Berlin Wall left over from the Cold War. 
  • She could see through the ground of the city into the U-Bahn system and into layers of time before the War.