SHRM - "Faster" and "Bigger"

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  • CGI and postproduction: Souverein Weesp
    Concept design and sketching: Souverein Weesp
    Photography: Cade Martin
    Client: SHRM
  • Part of a series of images for SHRM's annual conference in Chicago 2013 (Society for Human Resource Management
    More about this event can be found on

    The series promotes different parts of Chicago and uses words integrated in the surroundings to say how much better the conference is compared to the previous years.

    This one was at the Chicago River featuring the "El" train.

    The background was shot and the construction forming the word "Faster" was created by us in 3D.
  • SHRM - "Bigger"
  • close-up
  • close-up
  • Fluid dynamic solution in Maya
  • Preliminary sketch
  • SHRM - "Faster"
  • close-up
  • close-up
  • close-up
  • close-up
  • 3D view
  • 3D view
  • 3D view
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