SHOOTOUT [03] - Structures

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  • Shootout III [Structures]: A Nairobi Set
    Where Nairobi buildings weren't left unshot
  • After doing Shootout [02] – The Macronificent, it is time to present the results for Shootout [03] – Structures. Some great photographers came together to ‘take on the world, one frame at a time’. You can find out all about The Shootout here. James Quest, Leon Muli, Laetitia Galen, Jude Xavier, Omondi Abudho, Sebastian Wanzalla & I took on the structures of Nairobi and beyond to bring you the 3rd installation of Shootout.Here is my take on the assignment. Please take time to see the other shooter’s shots also. I shall share the link as soon as they are available.