Street Food Project

    SHIKA is a different street food concept that combines the portuguese culture with the japanese cuisine. The brand is for a urban and dynamic target and the logo is the outward expression of it. Mobility is the innovative aspect of Shika, almost everything happens in a motorized tricycle with a completely equipped kitchen on it!

    "Pleases the urban palates, while offers an worthy option for the daily eating routines. Then combines Japanese cuisine along with gastronomic classics and Portuguese flavors, offering a variety of tastes that go from the typical sushi rolls to the Portuguese “Peixinhos da Horta” - probably the dish which inspired the Japanese tempura!
    The lightness and portability of SHIKA’s meals, made by chef Ruy Leão, allows you to comfortably eat on a park bench or on the way to work but you can also order our take-away and catering services. Surprise your guests leaving the delis with us, we will surely contribute to the success of your event. If you are in Oporto, contact us and we will take to your party the SHIKA’s Japanese wonders!"

    Special Thanks to:
    Fernando Bagnola // Dishes Photography
    Ruy Leão // Chef
    P3 // Video Interview

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