• SHAYLI is Shayli Harrison's Melbourne–based fashion label.
    It is glitzy, minimalistic and surrealistic, with a touch of retrospective futurism and fantasy.

    While this project is primarily an exercise in branding and identity, outcomes include illustration, web design, and basic coding. Tools used include pen and paper, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, basic HTML, CSS and JS.

  • SHAYLI's logo contains an icon, which can be further broken down into three recursive icons. 
    SHAYLI's primary icon, while acting as the letter A, is reminiscent of logos used in early space dramas. It also mimics a closely–guarded doorway into an ancient, mystical building.
  • The second icon focuses on the top–most part of the first, and represents the All Seeing Eye with a twist of glamour. The accompanying illustration shows the brand as a ceremonial, ritualistic meeting point at the end of a long journey. It does this by reinterpreting the Eye as a dimensional rift, splitting time and space to reveal the third icon.
  • The third and final icon is the diamond/crystal apparent in previous icons. It acts as a graphical border while representing the glamorous side of the brand.
  • After the start–up of SHAYLI, a website was needed to serve the glitzy, yet minimalistic brand.
    Images were prepared, and the website was mocked up on Adobe Photoshop.
  • Instagram: @aldousmassie