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  • Singularity.Fashion.Reincarnation
    Filip Roth
  • Singularity.Fashion.Reincarnation was non-commercial project created for the Digital Fashion Show which is an unique art collaboration project. Organized by club and gallery Szajba from Wrocław in cooperation with Wroclaw ESK2016. Its purpose is to search for new forms of expression for the display of fashion and promoting cooperation between different disciplines of art (visual, music, fashion).
    We were one of five teams which took part in this project. We decided to create this project around a storyline which
    keyword is a reincarnation and embed all in the unreal world, thus referring to the clothing designs of Filip Roth.
  • Fashion Video
    Singularity. Fashion. Reincarnation

  • Backstage & Making of
    Singularity Fashion Reincarnation
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