SFCB: Paolo Salvagione "One for Each" (video)

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  • SF Center for the Book, Artist in Residence
    Paolo Salvagione: "One for Each" (video)

  • Paolo Salvagione is in the process of creating a sensory Wunderkammer. His elegant cabinet of curiosities contains five drawers, one for each of the human senses. Each drawer holds a distinct, self-contained object — and in the playful manner that routinely characterizes Salvagione's work, the senses mingle in unexpected ways.

    The completed "One for Each" will be a compact set of drawers, a box of English buckram and black leather, nearly 250 cubic inches of sensory activity. Salvagione has enlisted Boon Design to oversee typography, and Marc Weidenbaum to develop a series of short interlocking essays.

    This video, created by Jason Nowak, explains Paolo's experience at the San Francisco Center for the Book, his artistic process, and a tour of "One for Each".
  • Video by Jason Nowak (some introductory video shot by Christian Shneider)
    Editing by Jason Nowak
    Music by Jason Nowak
    Shot at the San Francisco Center for the Book (SFCB)
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