SES Global Markets: Pitch Deck

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  • SES Global Markets Pitch Deck
    Investment Pitch Deck for the world's most advanced trade decision system.
  • Most pitch decks follow the standard template: introduce your company, brag about how great you are and then hope your investors care.
    Most don't. But when a pitch is framed effectively, using methods to boost status, frame interactions and define problems, solutions and profitable opportunities in a new light, the game changes.
    This deck does just that. Created at a time when the global financial markets were undergoing historical turmoil, it positions SES Global as the unparalleled cross-market solution for professional traders.
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  • The presentation is always framed in terms of a hard-to-solve problem
  • Simple, clear graphics communicate key points 
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  • Only after the problem is framed is the solution presented
  • SES Global is now clearly positioned as the only solution to this problem
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