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    Mobile and Web Application Development Company
  • Seamiq is a software company founded in Germany, which specialized in Mobile and Web applications or new technology in general and target to European markets with a competitive price and high quality. Seamiq directs to a modern, bold and clean brand's look which has to express clearly its profession.
    Client: Seamiq
    Country: Germany
    Agency: Creative Bay® Strategic Creative Agency 
    Art direction & Design: Linh Trinh
    Final Artist: Ngo Thien Huong
    Technical Supervisor: Cao Xuan Viet Khuong, Do Anh Thu 
  •  Our inspiration sources for Seamiq: The Infinity - The Global Connection - The seamless chains
  • Our very first sketch on blank paper
  • The Seamiq logo combines the two most important visual elements of the brand, the symbol and the logotype. Inspired from the image of "global connection" and "infinity", the brand's symbol represents Seamiq's commitment to deliver high quality products and services seamlessly across the world. 

    Besides infinity symbol, the Seamiq logotype was created to emphasize the brand’s unique message of "seamless quality". Overall look of the logotype conveys the strong, masculine and futuristic feeling which gives a great support to the symbol, balance the colors and the figures both at the same time. 
  •  The logotype creation process - Matching and Modifying, Combining and Subtracting
  • In B/W
  •  The vibrant color system
  •  Font system
  •  Stationary System with vibrant identity graphics.
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