SCM Channel Rebrand Montage

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  • The mythic chinese classic movies channel 'Star Chinese Movies 2' now becomes 'Star Chinese Legends', and this required a complete channel rebrand. For you to get the picture, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are the channel's heroes and mostly of the movies showcased are from Hong Kong based directors. The fellows at Lumbre give us a call for us to collaborate with their team in design and animation phases. In the pitching and graphic stage, we propose to use light beams as main resource and try to push out something interesting from this. To our delight, the 'beams proposal' was selected as the one to continue with, clap clap Hippies! For the animation process we were assigned to manage the channel's Promo Toolkit and two short IDs. To follow is a short montage of the Toolkit + Ids, below that you'll find a selection of stills from the graphic process, 谢谢!

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  • Produced for Lumbre / Client: Fox International Channels (Star Chinese Movie Legend)

    Original idea & Concept: HippieHouse + Lumbre
    Art & Creative direction: HippieHouse + Lumbre

    Lead Designer: Chris O'Farrell
    Misc. Designer: Pablo Bisoglio
    Animation: Chris O'Farrell, Daniel Mochi

    Montage Editor: Martiniano Cornejo

    Soundtrack 'Tormentos' from 'The Tormentos - Grab your Board'

    At Fox

    VP Branding & Creative: Florencia Picco
    Creative Director: Mariano Barreiro
    Art Director: Natalia Español

    At Lumbre

    Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
    Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
    Assistant Producer: Evelyn Robayo
    Design and Animation: Javier Jauregui, Carla Dasso, Andy Cambiasso, Paula Vidal, Charlie Studio


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