• The S&D Soap-Box:

    SAVE&DESTROY's goal is to spread the love for japanese monsters (kaiju) and superheroes (tokusatsu), as well as vinyl toys, while promoting our artists and through art. The next show will be held at Granada's FicZone (in Spain) and will feature works from the previous ones plus new works from different artists. We will also have airbrush live-painting sessions with vinyl toys.

    More information about past & future exhibitions can be seen at the
    official website plus direct links to the Artists information & portfolios:


    Any artist who's interested in participating in these shows can submit their portfolio to: saveanddestroyartshow@gmail.com

    ManyThanks, Javier Jimenez

  • Many thanks to all the artist who have taken their time to create such an open perspective for Save & Destroy, it has been my pleasure to be a part of such a unique collection of Art.   [