I was asked to direct this corporate film for Blue Hawk Media. Annually, Blue Hawk are asked to 'bring to life' SAP's (formerly Sybase) brochures which communicate specific content to employees and clients relating to their capability and understanding of the mobile world.
    This year we were fortunate to have John Sims, the CEO of SAP, in London for a couple of hours. He was very easy to work with so I decided to try out a few ideas including having him stood on a green screen turntable. 
    Editing, Sound design and Computer graphics all produced at Broken Antler.
  • Selected images
  • It all started in a green screen studio with a talented and wonderful small crew.
  • No one escaped being filmed...not even me!
  • John Sims - CEO of SAP on a green screen turntable, which will later replicate a single shot which will rotate around him to track in over his shoulder.
  • Using trapcode form to create John's voice waveform.