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    take a cup of inspiration and fly
    Human being is creative by nature and is considered as the most unique creature created by god. The main force affecting this creativity is the environment surrounding them. It inspires them and encourages a continuous flow of creativity and innovation.
    Creativity leads to SAMA, the place where you can relax and free yourself from all tensions, the place where you can have fun and gather with your friends all day long, and also enjoy your coffee, tea and snacks or even work away from office in a quiet and unique ambience that will increase your focus, productivity and
    All can be found in SAMA and even more...
    There are lots of places where you can get coffee, books and newspapers but not like SAMA, which provides a totally different and exclusive atmosphere. To describe SAMA I would say it feels like a green land far away from daily routine, with magnificent environment that values and respects human. It helps improving human skills, qualities and even considered as a very inspirational space.
    SAMA is endless story that begins and continues to be the source of inspiration, it’s one of the elements of living, and it is the soul of freedom... it’s just the way we were born and left to live in this whole planet….
    SAMA is my dream … it’s the way I look forward and open my eyes and look at the sky… its bright, fresh and cleanse my soul from all dirt.
  • SAMA
    and this means the space will BE the source of INSPIRATION and flying to dreams and where dreams come true and grow.