• Sainam
    Animated TypefaceAn art thesis for Visual Communication Design Major, Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University
    This animated typeface uses 6 symbols which most express the nature of Thai waterside lifestyle.The symbols are Kratong, conch, naga, lotus, barge and fishery.During the designing process, I experienced a lot about shapes, forms, spaces and time.
  • Animated Type Showing
  • Glyphs
    Sainam consists of Thai and Latin glyphs.
    (Thai alphabets, Thai numerals, Capital letters, Lowercase letters and Hindu-arabic Numerals)
  • Motion Design
    The motion graphic of each glyph conveys the characteristic of those symbols.
    Barge - rowing / flicking tassel / waving flag
    Fishery - fishing rod / creel / coop
    Conch - pouring ceremonial water
    Lotus - blossom / rising up from water surface
    Naga - poison spitting / water coming out from the middle of the body
    Loy kratong - kratong floating / full moon / flood tide
    The speed of motion is tested many times.
    As Thai people have a rather slow lifestyle and movement,
    I decided to make the motion not too quick.
    Then time can also express the nature of Thai people too.
  • Thai Glyphs
  • Latin Glyphs
  • System
    Every glyph lies on a baseline as a system which refers to water surface.The idea of the system comes from how Thai people live (above the water).
  •  Colour Palette
     The three colour used in this typeface is based on the Thai culture.Wood - an assembly of Thai architectures and vehicles (boats and barges).(expressed in dark brown colour)Water - the stream which Thai people live by. (expressed in blue colour)Belief - a very important part of Thai culture which includesreligion and ceremonies. (expressed in golden yellow colour)
  •  Sketch

     These are some of the sketches and developments.
  • Credits:

    Project Advisor:
    Anucha Saengsukiam
    Prof.Asst. Chotiwat Punnopatham

    Lying Buddha by Relaxation - Ambient

    Special Thanks:
    Yodkwan Sawatdee
    Minchaya Chayosumrit
    Sittitsak Jiampotjaman
    Nawaporn Suksaran
    Sakornnun Sriratanaprapi
    Lojana Kiatpermsin
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