SAIF Brand Booklets

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  • SAIF Corporation hired new management, updated their corporate identity, and soon set out to change the way the public market, and the employees thought of the company. This is a 3 part series of booklets wrapped in a "belly band" and handed out at an employee "brand launch" event.
  • Employees were confused by all the change and needed understanding of their role in the "new company". This book series explained what branding is and emphasized how important the employees are.
  • The term ecosystem (a relationship of mutual need) was used to describe the relationship between the employees, the company and the customer.
  • At the brand launch event, employees were given a choice of "hello my name is" name tags with ecosystem icons printed on them. The tags were a hit, and a great way for the over 500 employees to meet and greet. The "hello my name is" tags were incorporated into the booklet's design.