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    Synchronum is a new Internet-project aimed at popularization of science. It is the first online-encyclopedia, which demonstrates the events of the global history in the form of infographics. Synchronum unites the events from different areas of science, technology, culture and politics into a single timeline-flow in such a way one can pictorially watch the interconnection of different facts.
    Visual identity created by Plenum Brand Consultancy supports and develops the educational function of the service: each bearer is accompanied by an interesting fact, connected with the origin or history of the item.
    Such approach illustrates the philosophy of the service: to give new knowledge within the context. Style, which is flexible and simple in its development, successfully complements the graphic sign: clock hour hands, which literally reflect the idea of the project.
  • The text on the back of business cards:
    Text Only by XIX century the Russian word “familiya” had acquired its modern meaning.
    In II — III centuries BC the business cards appeared in ancient China.
    In XI — XII centuries a paper appeared in Europe.
  • Text on branded stationary:
    1856 — the invention of goffered cardboard.
    1857 — the advent of the technology of paper producing from wood.
    1820 — the first envelope was invented in Brighton (England).
  • Text on mug:
    The word “kruzhka” was adopted from the Polish in about XV century.
  • Text on mug:
    Porcelain was first obtained in 620 in China.
  • The text on the diary:
    105 — the paper was invented in China.
  • Text on pencils:
    The end of the XIX century — the hexagonal pencil shape was designed.
    1800 BC — the original Cretan script appeared.
    200 — the uncial version of the Latin alphabet appeared.
    In 1789, scientist Carl Wilhelm Scheele showed that graphite is the material of carbon.
    1683 — The first record of a wooden pencil.
  • Text on the T-shirt:
    In the beginning of the XX century he first T-shirts appeared in the USA.
  • Text on the car:
    1769 — the testing of the first car with a steam engine.
  • Project by Plenum.
    Brand-Consultant Tatiana Kharitonova.
    Brand-Strategy Katerina Palshina.
    Art-Director Egor Myznik.