S Olbricht ft Carla Under Water / Music Video / Werk

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  • Video for Stephan Olbricht (ft. Carla Under Water), inspired by a glass pool observed from below. Featuring a variety of techniques, the video is composed digitally from a set of still and motion layers, objects and creatures brought to life by the sound of music.
  • S Olbricht ft Carla Under Water - S_tuder (tape1)
    S Olbricht - Deutsch-Amerikanische Tragödie
    Label: Opal Tapes
    Cat No.: OPAL021
  • Location: The pool of Akvárium Klub, Budapest, Hungary
  • The background textures were extracted from the pool's glass panels, photographed from under them.
  • The entire surface.
  • Objects hanging on plastic wires, separately recorded.
  • Silver foil, mirrored.
  • 3D compositing, and audio-syncing of these elements.
  • Final results.