Russian Standard Vodka / Artform Campaign

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    This project was to create an illustrative campaign 
    for 'Russian Standard Vodka', promoting the 
    beverage and presenting it as an artform which
    is crafted and beautifully perfected.
    The main theme behind this campaign was to
    show 'Russian Standard Vodka' as a work of art. 
    For generations Vodka has been seen as Russia's
    national alcoholic drink because of its strong
    historical and traditional routes.
    With this reasoning in mind I decided the best
    way to show these themes was to illustrate other
    traditional art forms of Russia, making a
    comparison between them and showing how
    'Russian Standard Vodka' also lives up to
    Russian traditions.
    Within the illustrations I decided to incorporate
    both the Russian Bear and Eagle which are
    a part of 'Russian Standard's' logo.
    Pencil 5H to 8B
    Photoshop CS6
    Canon 400D
    (Photograph product)