Run The City - Parkour App

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  • Run The City
    Parkour based phone application
  •  A phone app aimed for people who do Parkour (free-running). Community based application that lets users share spots and routes for stunts and tricks. Videos/photos of tricks and stunts at each location/route can be recorded and uploaded via the app to share and rate/comment etc. Spots for stunts and tricks can be identified by downloadable and printable QR code stickers. Scan a sticker to see the tricks connected to that spot, beat or match the trick and re-upload to boost your user profile. There is an element of compettion involved but the main thing is to share knowledge of an area to pass on to other users with the hope of contributing to set runs or "Routes" where users can link several spots together in a bid to "Run The City" and create the ultimate Parkour run in their area. Useful for people who travel from place to place doing Parkour or those who just want to share their enthusiasm of the sport with others. The app would include a live news feed that updates when people have uploaded a trick or discovered a new spot or route.

    Concept and design by Max Little & Owen Dye