Rulette Type Foundry Posters

  • 1836
  • 123
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  • Brand Identity and promotional product for typographic foundry, Rulette. 
    The target audience for type foundries is primarily the graphic design industry. The challenge lies in the uncalculable number of typefaces available freely on the internet today. Therefore, a way must be devised to attract the attention of the audience to Rulette Typefaces, above others. Posters are an ideal medium for this purpose, as they are objects that graphic designers/creative people are known widely to appreciate. Therefore a set of 6 typographic posters was designed to promote 6 different typefaces made. The unique experience begins already in the shipping packaging, which, when all 6 are collected, spells out the name “Rulette.” This makes both the posters and packaging reusable and collectible, and enstills the name of the foundry permanently in mind.