Ru-Nl Floristics Educational Center Website

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  • Russian-Netherlands Floristics Educational Center Website
  • Customers came to me with the ready logotype, being absolutely happy with it. I was asked to create the website for the educational startup. They also needed avatars for the social media (facebook and vkontakte), and the print for the first master-class of the tutor and professional florist Martin van Bergen. 
  • In Russia Netherlands are associated first of all with the huge amount of fields of all the possible sorts of tulips. So, that was a start point in my reserch.
  • The 00 version looked this like. 
  • A bit of analysis... 
  • In the middle of the process we noticed that there is too much of blue tints among the colors. 
    So I decided to change one of them to the lime green one.
  • Each level 1 menu element has it's own header in the promo-banner at the home page. 
    These pictures are permanently rotated when the user looks at the homepage of the site. Of course, they are clickable. 
  • Final homepage variant
  • This page is shown to the user who successfully submitted the registration form. 
  • I also retouched several photographs to show in the gallery. 
  • SM avatars are made to promote the center recognition among the potential students and partners. 
  • This is the announcement poster of the Open Day and Martin van Bergen master-class. I also advised to hire a professional photographer and video operator for that day. The customers were glad that they followed my recommendations. 

    You may see the results at the website
  • I would be glad, if you comment and/or appreciate.