Round LunaTik, Concept Study

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  • A a series of concept exploration around the LunaTik ecosystem and watch architecture.

    The LunaTik watch was developed by Scott Wilson and MNML as an accessory for the 6th Generation iPod Nano in 2010 with an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaing that gave birth to the LunaTik brand. When the 6th-gen iPod Nano was discontinued, LunaTik offered a new range of watches that fit in the same wrist mounted cases.

    As a tribute to LunaTik's success, this concept is an exploration of a circular watch form factor leveraging the existing LunaTik straps to complement the ecosystem developed by Wilson and MNML.

    Project: Round LT Watch
    Date: 2012
    Context: Mexico City
    Status: Concept
  • Series of 3D-printed prototypes assembled onto the LunaTik straps. Left picture shows the original black anodized LunaTik watch.