Rosslyn Urban Farm

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    Re-imaging Freedom Park

    Design Team: Dean Perry, Wei Cao, Sarah W., & LaQuinton NimoxDesign Studio IX, Spring 2011Studio Critics: Susan Piedmont-Palladino & Paul KelschLocation: Rosslyn, VA
    Rosslyn Farm is a synergistic community, incorporating people, plants, and place.

    The current configuration of Freedom Park is arranged as an outdoor museum exhibit hall. With the removal of the museum components, the remaining landscape arrangement no longer suits the needs of the Ross- lyn community. The site’s original structure was created as a vehicle overpass and creates challenges in accomodating convenient pedestrian access.

    Rosslyn is a mixed-use community consisting of retail, restaurants, busi- nesses, offices, with condominiums and apartments. Solutions to the site problem must provide opportunities for both permanent residents and office workers who spend only daylight hours in Rosslyn.

    Rosslyn Farm encourages office personnel, residential communities, and visitors alike to experience urban farming and be informed about the benefits of growing local produce. Urban farming is often required in places where open land is not available. By using hydroponics, what is possible within this small space is demonstrated through indoor plant- ing arrangements on site. Lessons learned here can be taken to other urban environments.

    The processes encompassing Rosslyn Farm site include solar driven lighting system, reusable construction materials, recycled runoff, hydro- ponic farming techniques, and accessible visitation.

    Hydroponic farming consists of the terms “water” and “works.” The absence of soil is replaced with specific nu- trient loads and water quantities, variably reducing cost for soil delivery and replacement. Traditional indoor farming methods encompass various techniques, yet in- clude the following components: plant selection, grow- ing container media, nutrient solution, delivery method, and lighting systems. Rosslyn Farm has the capacity to grow fruit trees, vertical (herb, fruit, and vegetable) media, as well as individual (herb, vegetable, or fruit bearing) planters.